How to upload a Photo and Choose a Template

Open the app

Click on the “+” button at the upper righthand corner of the app

This will create a new folder and will open the following screen

All fields are optional. You can either fill them out or just click the “done” button at the upper righthand corner of the screen. 

Clicking the “done” button will save the information you just entered and will furthermore open the following screen, which now allows you to upload a picture.

You can add a photo, which will be displayed as cover of the folder. This allows for quick recognition of the horses folder.

By clicking “Change Photo”, a picture from your phone’s gallery can be added

You can add the name, breed and any other information that helps identify the horse

Clicking the “Done” button will open the following screen

Clicking the “add photo” button, at the bottom lefthand corner of the screen, will open your phone’s gallery, from which you can now chose a photo to work on

By clicking on the photo you want, the photo will be loaded on the screen of the app, as per below screenhot.

  • You can move the picture using one finger
  • You can change the size and position of the photo using two fingers
  • Moving this button left or wrigh allows you to position the photo horizontially
  • The options button at the bottom of the screen allows you to change the speed of the movement or lock the picture to ground parallel
  • Clicking the “Templates” button at the bottom righthand corner of the screen allows you to choose a template, which you want overlay on the picture